Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm Back!

I'm officially unofficially back in action! It seems that my Achilles Bursitis is healed up and I'm able to get back out there. I think I probably could have gotten out a little bit sooner but I wanted to make sure that things were healed up well and also life has been quite busy so the injury was a nice excuse to slow down...

The primary means of healing for me was ice with elevation and NO SHOES! Every time I wore a pair of shoes with a heel my bursa would become aggravated and inflamed. a couple days ago I went on a 3/4 mile run and it felt good. I'm happy that I was able to continue walking barefoot through the injury because I didn't seem to loose any of the progress I've made in strengthening my feet and calves. I'm sure that my cardio is down but I wasn't really in running shape to start with!

Hopefully I'll be able to learn from this little experience and resist the urge to push too far too fast...

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