Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Feet Pictures - Day 0

So here are the baseline photos for my feet. They're quite FLATtering if I do say so myself...  I'm planning to take photos every week or two to document any changes in my arches or pronation. If you can think of any other shots that would help to better document things let me know.

Foot length: 29.4mm

Today almost feels like I've taken two steps backward in my progress although I know it's just part of the process. I don't think my calves have ever been this sore! I'm walking around like I'm 90! I think between the short run destroying my calves and the softball game yesterday killing my ankles I can justify taking a little breather. I went barefoot almost all day today, but yikes my feet are definitely letting me know how much is too much too soon (TMTS). Hopefully I'll wake up tomorrow with a little more bounce in my step!


  1. I love science projects. I can't wait to see your progress. I'd love to see the barefoot shoe on your flat feet.

  2. Hopefully tomorrow the shoe sole rubber that I ordered will arrive and I can make my huarache sandals. I'm planning to make a pair like these: http://www.invisibleshoe.com

  3. Ty, just saw your post in the Barefoot forum at RW, and read through "Why Am I Running Barefoot?" I was going to post asking you to please chronicle changes in your feet photographically, but then I discovered you're already on that! Thanks, following your blog and look forward to seeing how things evolve for you. I'm a year+ into a barefoot journey motivated mostly by a desire for freedom and enjoyment rather than an escape from pain, but I'm curious to see how things work out for you. All the best!

  4. Thanks Miranda! I actually have another set of pictures I took at 2.5 weeks that I need to get posted, maybe today... I hope that I'm able to capture graphically what is actually taking place, the difference in the way my feet feel is dramatically different than when I started although I haven't seen much visible change yet.

  5. Ty, Hang in there on the calf pain bro. It takes time but you will develop muscles and structure. Thanks for sharing your information and pictures. I wonder if Dan Leiberman or Allison at the university of Delaware Running Injury lab would be interested. You ought to contact them and ask what data you might want to be capturing.
    Scooter aka Lavarunner