Monday, June 13, 2011

Do I already loath shoes?

Today I pushed my barefootedness a little farther and it did cost me a little bit. I went for two short little barefoot jogs on the sidewalk, right at 1/2 mile total. At the end of the second one I noticed some missing skin on the pad of one of my toes where a blister formed and popped. After doing a little reading it sounds like I'm pushing off with my toes which is a no-no when barefoot, I need to focus on lifting my feet off the ground rather than pushing forward off them.

So about the loathing shoes comment... Tonight I had a softball game (Go Oakridge!) so I put on my cleats with orthotics. Within two minutes of putting on the shoes my arches were burning and my ankles were hurting! The whole night I was focusing on trying to not let my feet roll in too bad but walking in those shoes makes it nearly impossible. Tonight my ankles hurt more than they have in a week and it only started after I put on my shoes...

It's just a little one. I'm liking the Liquid Bandage right now...

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